TIP35C Footprint, Package, Application and Other Details

28 September 2023 7

Ⅰ. Overview of TIP35C

Ⅱ. Symbol and footprint of TIP35C

Ⅲ. Technical parameters

Ⅳ. Features of TIP35C

Ⅴ. Pinout and package of TIP35C

Ⅵ. Working principle of TIP35C audio power amplifier

Ⅶ. Application of TIP35C

Ⅷ. Precautions for using TIP35C

Ⅰ. Overview of TIP35C


TIP35C is a through-hole complementary power transistor in TO-247 package. Fabricated in planar technology with an "island" layout, the device offers excellent high-gain performance and extremely low saturation voltage for general-purpose linear and switching applications. Its three terminals enable it to be used as an electronic switch or amplifier. The maximum emitter-base voltage of this bipolar junction transistor is 5 V. Its maximum power consumption is 125W. To ensure parts are not damaged by bulk packaging, the device comes in tube packaging, which adds even more protection by storing loose parts in an outer tube. It has a maximum collector-emitter voltage of 100 V and a maximum emitter-base voltage of 5 V. The bipolar junction transistor has a minimum operating temperature of -65°C and a maximum operating temperature of 150°C.

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Ⅱ. Symbol and footprint of TIP35C


Ⅲ. Technical parameters


Ⅳ. Features of TIP35C

• Low collector-emitter saturation voltage

• Complementary NPN - PNP transistors

• Thermal stability: It has good thermal stability, but requires proper heat dissipation to ensure stability and reliability in high power applications.

• Low saturation voltage drop: The TIP35C has a relatively low saturation voltage drop (VCE(sat)), which means it can operate loads with less voltage drop in switching applications.

• High current amplification: TIP35C generally has a good current amplification effect, which makes TIP35C very suitable for high current applications.

• High frequency response: Although TIP35C is mainly used in power amplification and switching applications, its high frequency response is relatively low. Therefore, it is not suitable for high frequency amplifier design.

• High Power Capability: TIP35C has high power handling capabilities and can be used to amplify and switch high current and high voltage loads. It can usually handle tens of watts or more.

Ⅴ. Pinout and package of TIP35C

1. Pinout of TIP35C


2. Package of TIP35C


The package of TIP35C is TO-3P. TO-3P is a common metal package method with good electrical performance and heat dissipation performance. It is often used in various electronic equipment such as power devices, amplifiers and voltage regulators.

Ⅵ. Working principle of TIP35C audio power amplifier

The circuit of the TIP35C audio power amplifier is shown in the figure below:


Transistors act as amplifiers by amplifying the input signal. If a DC bias voltage is applied across the emitter-base junction of a transistor, the transistor will remain in a forward biased state, and it will remain in this state regardless of the signal polarity. This is a Class A amplifier, so the transistor is always biased in the on state. Therefore, during a complete cycle of the input signal, the transistor produces minimal distortion at the maximum amplitude of the output signal.

Since Class A amplifiers need to drive large load currents, the transistor rating must be sufficient to compensate for the high collector current load, i.e. the speaker is connected across the collector. Therefore, the transistor must have high collector current. The TIP35C achieves this successfully because it is a 100V power transistor with a collector current of 25A. However, the main drawback of the above circuit is the overall efficiency of the power amplifier. Since this circuit is a basic structure of a Class A amplifier, almost a large amount of current is lost as heat dissipation of the power transistor TIP35C. It must be connected to a large radiator to accommodate heat dissipation.

Ⅶ. Application of TIP35C

• Power amplifier: It has strong current and high power performance and is a very suitable device for power amplifier devices.

• Switching power supplies: TIP35C can be used for power conversion and regulation in switching power supplies.

• Audio equipment: Due to its audio amplification capabilities, TIP35C is often used in audio equipment such as power amplifiers and speaker drivers to provide high-quality audio amplification.

• Power amplifier: TIP35C is often used to design linear power amplifiers to amplify low-voltage signals to higher voltages for power applications.

• Motor driver: TIP35C is also widely used in the field of motor drive due to its characteristics of high current and high power.

• Power inverter: TIP35C transistor can be used as the output end of the power inverter to convert DC voltage into AC voltage. It is widely used in UPS and solar inverters.

Ⅷ. Precautions for using TIP35C

First of all, when handling TIP35C or its related electronic components, we must take electrostatic protection measures, especially in dry environments, to prevent transistor damage caused by electrostatic discharge.

Secondly, we need to pay attention to the humidity of the storage and transportation environment of transistors to avoid being affected by moisture, high temperature, and mechanical damage. Additionally, limits on parameters such as collector voltage, current, and power must operate within specified limits to avoid transistor damage.

In addition, the TIP35C may generate a lot of heat when working. Therefore, we need to provide appropriate cooling measures such as heat sinks and heat sinks when using it to ensure that the transistor does not overheat and avoid performance degradation or damage.

Finally, in amplifier applications, we need to pay attention to the stability of the circuit to prevent oscillation or unstable operation. If possible, we can consider adding protection circuits, such as over-current protection, over-temperature protection, etc., to increase the reliability and safety of the circuit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the TIP35C transistor?

The TIP35C is an NPN power transistor designed for general-purpose amplification and switching applications. It is commonly used in power amplifiers, voltage regulators, and other electronic circuits where high-power handling is required.

2. What are the collector-base voltage and collector-emitter voltage of TIP35C?

The collector-base voltage of TIP35C is 100V, and the collector-emitter voltage is 100V.

3. What is the equivalent of TIP35C?

You can replace the TIP35C with the TIP105, TIP35C, TIP35CG, TIP35CW or TIP36C.

4. What is the operating temperature range of TIP35C?

The operating temperature of TIP35C ranges from -65°C to 150 °C.

5. Can the TIP35C transistor be used in switching applications?

Yes, the TIP35C transistor can be used in switching applications due to its high current and voltage handling capabilities. However, it's important to ensure proper biasing and drive conditions for switching applications.