REF3030AIDBZR Specifications, Symbol, Applications and REF3030AIDBZR vs REF3030AIDBZT

01 February 2024

Ⅰ. Overview of REF3030AIDBZR

Ⅱ. Specifications of REF3030AIDBZR

Ⅲ. Symbol, footprint and pin configuration of REF3030AIDBZR

Ⅳ. Features of REF3030AIDBZR

Ⅴ. In which applications can we use REF3030AIDBZR?

Ⅵ. What is the difference between REF3030AIDBZR and REF3030AIDBZT?

Ⅶ. How to reduce the power consumption of REF3030AIDBZR?

Ⅷ. What should we pay attention to when using REF3030AIDBZR?

REF3030AIDBZR is a precision voltage reference source chip with powerful functions and high stability. It is mainly used in industrial automation, communication and network equipment, medical equipment, automotive electronics and other fields. In this article, we will discuss the features, specifications and application scenarios of REF3030AIDBZR, and analyze the differences between it and REF3030AIDBZT. Let's start!

Ⅰ. Overview of REF3030AIDBZR


REF3030AIDBZR is a high-precision, low-voltage drift integrated circuit, mainly suitable for AD converters, instrument amplifiers, and all systems that require precise measurement and control of external voltages. The device offers extremely high accuracy with a maximum error of ±0.2mV, a voltage drift of only 10ppm/°C, and stable accuracy over a wide temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. In addition, it also has functions such as short-circuit protection, overload protection and overheating protection. These protection measures ensure the long-term stability and reliability of the circuit.

In addition to the above features, the REF3030AIDBZR has a wide range of supply voltages. It can operate from 1.2V to 15V, compatible with most application environments. Moreover, it is also equipped with a low-level input pin that can operate in a low-level state, thereby reducing the power consumption of the circuit. More importantly, REF3030AIDBZR has extremely low leakage current of only 500pA per channel, which makes it cost-effective in terms of accuracy and low power consumption.

Alternatives and equivalents:




Ⅱ. Specifications of REF3030AIDBZR

• Its operating supply current is 42 uA.

• Its initial accuracy is 0.2 percent.

• Its mounting method SMD or SMT.

• It operates with a maximum temperature coefficient of 75ppm/°C.

• REF3030AIDBZR is manufactured by Texas Instruments.

• This circuit provides 100uV/mA load regulation and 375uV/V line regulation.

• REF3030AIDBZR has a length of 2.92 mm, a width of 1.3 mm, and a height of 1 mm.

• REF3030AIDBZR has 3 pins and is available in SOT-23-3 package and tape and reel packaging.

• The voltage reference circuit has a minimum operating temperature of -40°C and a maximum operating temperature of 125°C.

Ⅲ. Symbol, footprint and pin configuration of REF3030AIDBZR


The above figure shows the symbol, footprint and pin configuration of REF3030AIDBZR respectively. Among them, it has 3 pins, whose names and functions are as follows:

Pin 1 (IN): Input supply voltage

Pin 2 (OUT) Reference output voltage

Pin 3 (GND): Ground

Ⅳ. Features of REF3030AIDBZR

• High-efficiency conversion: It has a conversion efficiency of up to 90 percent, which makes the energy utilization of the power supply much higher.

• Precision voltage output: It can provide fixed voltage output with an accuracy of up to 0.04 percent, which can be used as a precision voltage reference source.

• Low noise: The REF3030AIDBZR's output voltage has an extremely low noise level, a feature that makes it particularly suitable for applications with high voltage noise requirements, such as precision measurements, sensor calibration and other fields.

• Low temperature drift: REF3030AIDBZR has an extremely low temperature drift rate of only 1ppm per degree Celsius. This feature ensures that the output voltage maintains a high degree of stability even in environments with changing temperatures.

• Low power consumption: The REF3030AIDBZR utilizes a low power design that allows it to operate in energy efficient environments. In addition, the device features a thermal shutdown function that automatically reduces current when an overheat condition is detected, further reducing power consumption and improving system energy efficiency.

• High accuracy: The REF3030AIDBZR demonstrates high accuracy over the full operating temperature range with a non-linear error of only 0.04 percent. This feature ensures the stability and consistency of the output voltage, providing strong support for a variety of applications that require precise measurements.

Ⅴ. In which applications can we use REF3030AIDBZR?

REF3030AIDBZR products can be widely used in a variety of embedded devices, such as medical devices, smart home, IoT, industrial automation and other fields. Here are some specific application scenarios:

• Industrial automation: REF3030AIDBZR has excellent performance to meet the strict requirements of power supply in industrial automation. Its high precision, low noise and low temperature drift characteristics make the output voltage remain stable, providing a reliable guarantee for the normal operation of sensors and actuators.

• IoT: In IoT devices, it effectively converts the DC power supply voltage from one range to another, ensuring stable operation of the device. In addition, its efficient power management function further enhances the performance of the device and can extend the battery life of the device.

• Instrumentation and measurement: The REF3030AIDBZR can provide high-precision reference voltages for use in instruments and measurement devices. For example, in multi-function testers, it can provide a stable reference voltage to ensure the accuracy and consistency of test results. In oscilloscopes, its high-precision voltage can be used as a reference for signal processing and waveform display, improving the measurement accuracy and response speed of the oscilloscope. In spectrum analyzers, the REF3030AIDBZR's reference voltage is used to calibrate frequency and amplitude, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of spectrum analysis.

• Medical equipment: Medical equipment often has high requirements for stability and accuracy, and the REF3030AIDBZR can be used as a reference voltage source in medical instruments. For example, in an electrocardiograph, the reference voltage source is used to generate the baseline of the ECG, ensuring the accuracy and comparability of the ECG waveform recording. In a sphygmomanometer, it provides a stable reference voltage to help the sphygmomanometer accurately measure the patient's blood pressure. And in thermometers, the device's high-precision voltage can provide an accurate temperature reference to help thermometers accurately measure a patient's body temperature.

• Smart home: In smart home systems, the REF3030AIDBZR can be used as a power management chip to provide a stable 5V power supply for various smart devices. Its excellent performance not only ensures the normal operation of the device, but also optimizes the power utilization rate, thus reducing energy waste.

Ⅵ. What is the difference between REF3030AIDBZR and REF3030AIDBZT?

The difference between the two is shown below:


Ⅶ. How to reduce the power consumption of REF3030AIDBZR?

We can reduce the power consumption of REF3030AIDBZR in the following ways:

First, we need a reasonable thermal design for REF3030AIDBZR to ensure that it does not overheat during operation. Overheating will negatively affect the performance and stability of the chip, as well as increase power consumption. To achieve this goal, we need to carefully analyze the power consumption characteristics of the device and select an appropriate thermal solution for it.

Second, to reduce the power consumption of REF3030AIDBZR, we can consider turning off or disabling its unnecessary functions. In this way, we can purposefully reduce the load of the chip when it is working, thus reducing its power consumption.

Third, we can optimize the driver circuit of REF3030AIDBZR to reduce its operating current and power consumption. There are many ways to optimize the driver circuit, such as appropriately adjusting the resistor value in the driver circuit or choosing a device with lower power consumption. These adjustments can significantly reduce its energy consumption during operation, resulting in more efficient energy utilization.

In addition, appropriately reducing the supply voltage of REF3030AIDBZR is also an effective means of reducing power consumption. Lowering the supply voltage can reduce the operating current accordingly, thus reducing power consumption. However, when lowering the supply voltage, we must ensure that the value remains within the range specified in the REF3030AIDBZR's datasheet or specification. Exceeding this range may result in unstable performance or damage to the chip.

Ⅷ. What should we pay attention to when using REF3030AIDBZR?

The following are some notes on the use of the REF3030AIDBZR:

• Supply voltage: The input voltage of the device ranges from 1.5 V to 5.5 V. When using the device, we need to make sure that we provide it with a suitable supply voltage to avoid damaging the device.

• Temperature range: The device operates over a temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. During usage, it is essential to guarantee that it functions within the suitable temperature range to prevent unstable performance or potential damage.

• Package and pinout: When installing the REF3030AIDBZR into a circuit board or other system, we should make sure that each pin is properly connected to the appropriate part of the circuit and is kept at an appropriate distance from other wires and components to prevent physical contact and short circuits.

• Storage and transportation: During storage and transportation, we need to keep it dry and avoid unfavorable conditions such as high temperature and mechanical shocks, so as not to affect the performance and reliability of REF3030AIDBZR.

• Anti-static measures: Since the input and output pins of REF3030AIDBZR are susceptible to static electricity, we need to take appropriate anti-static measures during operation, such as wearing anti-static bracelets.

• Load current: The device has a limited output current capability, with a maximum output current of 25mA. Therefore, when selecting a load, we need to make sure that its current does not exceed the REF3030AIDBZR's carrying capacity, so as to avoid damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the operating temperature range of REF3030AIDBZR?

The operating temperature of REF3030AIDBZR ranges from -40°C to 125°C.

2. What is the REF3030AIDBZR?

The REF3030AIDBZR is a precision voltage reference IC, commonly used in electronic circuits to provide a stable and accurate reference voltage.

3. What is the replacement and equivalent of REF3030AIDBZR?

You can replace the REF3030AIDBZR with REF3030AIDBZT, REF3030AIDBZTG4 or REF3030AIDBZRG4.

4. How does the REF3030AIDBZR contribute to power efficiency in a circuit?

By providing a stable reference voltage, the REF3030AIDBZR helps ensure that other components in the circuit operate with high precision and efficiency, reducing errors and improving overall performance.