Exploring the 2SK2225 Transistor's Capabilities

03 January 2024 15

Ⅰ. Introduction to 2SK2225

Ⅱ. Specifications of 2SK2225

Ⅲ. The manufacturer of 2SK2225

Ⅳ. Absolute maximum ratings of 2SK2225

Ⅴ. How to use 2SK2225?

Ⅵ. Where is 2SK2225 used?

Ⅶ. How to improve the power quality of 2SK2225?

Ⅷ. Development of 2SK2225

Field effect transistor is a semiconductor device with PN structure. It is different from ordinary semiconductor transistors in that it is a voltage controlled device. Field effect transistors have high input impedance, low noise, good thermal stability, and are easy to integrate, but they are prone to breakdown. In this article, we will introduce the 2SK2225 switching tube. By understanding the specifications and usage of 2SK2225, we can better apply this transistor.

Ⅰ. Introduction to 2SK2225


The 2SK2225 is a specialized fast N-MOSFET switching tube developed by Renesas Electronics for inverter power supplies. This switching tube utilizes advanced TO-3PF package technology, which not only provides greater durability but also improves heat dissipation. Its rise time is only 50 nS, a feature that gives the 2SK2225 a significant advantage in high-frequency applications. It can withstand 1500V reverse breakdown capability, ensuring the stability of the product under harsh conditions. At the same time, the 2SK2225 has a high speed switching frequency, which means it can complete the on and off action in a very short time, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the power supply. Since the 2SK2225 has a relatively low drive current, it is ideally suited for use on frequency converter power supplies.

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Ⅱ. Specifications of 2SK2225

• Brand: Renesas Electronics

• Package / Case: TO-3PF

• Rise Time (tr): 50 nS

• ID(mA): 2 A

• IDM(A): 7 A

• Rds On(Ω): 12Ω

• VDS(V): 1.5 kV

• Maximum Junction Temperature (Tj): 150°C

• Drain-Source Capacity (Cd): 125 pF

• Pin Count: 3

• RoHS: No

• Type of Transistor: MOSFET

• Type of Control Channel: N -Channel

• Mounting Type: Through Hole

• Number of Channels: Single

• Product Category: RF Semiconductors

Ⅲ. The manufacturer of 2SK2225

2SK2225 is manufactured by Renesas Electronics. Renesas Electronics is one of the world's top ten semiconductor chip suppliers. In April 2010, Japan's two major semiconductor manufacturers NEC Electronics and Renesas Technology merged, and a new professional semiconductor manufacturer Renesas Electronics was born. Based on its strong R&D strength, design and development platform, and various manufacturing technologies, the newly born Renesas Electronics actively promotes and strengthens the development of the three major product areas of MCU, system LSI, and analog and power semiconductor devices. Its products are widely used in AV/PC, environmentally friendly vehicles, mobile communication equipment, energy-saving home appliances, industry and other fields.

Ⅳ. Absolute maximum ratings of 2SK2225



1. PW≤10μs, duty cycle≤1 percent

2. Value at Tc=25℃

Ⅴ. How to use 2SK2225?

When using 2SK2225, we need to pay attention to the following points. The first is the operating frequency range. The operating frequency range of the 2SK2225 is limited by its physical characteristics. In the application, we need to ensure that its operating frequency is within its recommended range to obtain the best performance and reliability. In the application, we also need to ensure the quality and stability of the power supply to avoid adverse effects on the operating performance and reliability of the 2SK2225. Secondly, we need to ensure that the 2SK2225 matches well with other components to avoid unnecessary problems. For example, we need to choose appropriate resistor and capacitor values to match the parameters of the circuit. In addition, in high frequency and high power applications, 2SK2225 will generate greater heat. Therefore, we need to carry out effective thermal management, such as installing heat sinks or other cooling measures, to ensure that its operating temperature is not too high and affects performance or reliability. Since 2SK2225 is an N-channel MOS field effect transistor, its gate voltage needs to be higher than the source voltage to turn on. Therefore, we need to design a suitable drive circuit to control the gate voltage to ensure that 2SK2225 can work properly.

Ⅵ. Where is 2SK2225 used?

Due to its high frequency characteristics and high voltage resistance, 2SK2225 is often used in the following fields:

• Power switch: 2SK2225 has a high-speed switching frequency and a small drive current, so it is suitable for use as a power switch, such as a switching tube for an inverter power supply.

• Except for high-voltage equipment in televisions: In the power supply section of electronic equipment, particularly in devices like televisions, the utilization of the 2SK2225 transistor proves instrumental in exerting precise control and stabilizing the output of high-voltage power supplies. 

• High-frequency power amplifier: 2SK2225 is frequently employed in the production of high-frequency power amplifiers, where its high-frequency attributes and robust resistance to high voltage are utilized to amplify signals at elevated frequencies.

• Gas luminescence display drive circuit: In the gas luminescence display drive circuit, 2SK2225 can be used to control and adjust the brightness of the display.

Ⅶ. How to improve the power quality of 2SK2225?

Enhancing the power quality of 2SK2225 involves addressing the following aspects:

1. Stabilize the power supply voltage: We need to use a regulated power supply or voltage regulator to ensure that the power supply voltage of 2SK2225 is stable and reduce the impact of voltage fluctuations on circuit performance.

2. Load matching: We reasonably select the load impedance based on actual application requirements to avoid adverse effects on power quality if the load impedance is too large or too small.

3. Parameter selection and adjustment: We reasonably select and adjust the parameters of resistors, capacitors and other related components to optimize the performance of the power supply.

4. Reasonable power wiring: When wiring the circuit board, we should reasonably arrange the direction and width of the power line to reduce the impedance and noise coupling of the power line and improve the stability of the power supply.

Ⅷ. Development of 2SK2225

Due to the rapid development of the inverter and new energy industries in recent years, and coincidentally catching up with the Japanese earthquake, components related to inverters, especially 2SK2225, are in short supply in the market. Many manufacturers are seriously out of stock, which has caused the price of 2SK2225 to skyrocket. Many customers have to find domestic chips to replace them. However, after many efforts, 2SK2225 returned to calm. Now Shanghai Youling headquarters and offices have a large amount of stock, and the price has returned to the level before the price increase.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a transistor do?

A transistor is a miniature semiconductor that regulates or controls current or voltage flow in addition amplifying and generating these electrical signals and acting as a switch/gate for them. 

2. What can replace 2SK2225?

You can replace 2SK2225 with 2SK2225-E.

3. What are the application fields of 2SK2225?

2SK2225 can be used in inverter power supply, fast power supply and inverter power supply, etc.

4. What are the characteristics of 2SK2225?

The features of 2SK2225 include high-speed switching frequency, low drive current, high withstand voltage capability and high reliability.