Comparing LM741CN and UA741CN Operational Amplifiers

15 September 2023

The two op amps, LM741CN and UA741CN, have similar functional and performance characteristics. They both feature single op amps and similar supply voltages and pinouts. However, they have some minor differences in non-critical parameters. These differences do not significantly affect their overall compatibility or functionality, making the two amplifiers interchangeable in most applications. Below we will learn about the differences between the two.


Ⅰ. Overview of LM741CN

This is a typical 8-pin dual-row single-channel operational amplifier. It has a wide operating voltage range of 7V-36V and has a unity gain bandwidth of 1 MHz. Through voltage amplification, this amplifier can perform a variety of arithmetic operations, including addition, subtraction, differentiation, integration, etc. Its maximum power consumption is 500 milliwatts, making it perform well in low-power applications. This amplifier operates over a wide temperature range of 0°C to 70°C.

The device is flexible in power supply and can be powered in two ways. In addition, this device uses bipolar technology and has one channel per chip, making its application more flexible. For non-professional applications, it is available in single, dual and quad configurations for ease of integration and use. In terms of packaging, it can use both through-hole and surface mounting methods to ensure ease and convenience in practical applications.

Replacement and equivalent:

• LM709C

• LM201


• MC1439




Ⅱ. Overview of UA741CN

UA741CN is a multi-purpose operational amplifier. Since it does not have a door lock function, it is very suitable for voltage tracking circuit applications. It is a high-performance operational amplifier designed with a single silicon chip and can operate stably without external components. Due to its internal frequency compensation, it does not create short circuits. Additionally, it is possible to eliminate the effects of offset voltage by using a resistor or potentiometer.

Replacement and equivalent:



Ⅲ. 3D Model comparison



Ⅳ. Specification comparison


The LM741CN and UA741CN are both operational amplifiers with similar performance characteristics. Although both exhibit identical specifications in terms of packaging, conversion efficiency, power consumption, operating temperature, and channel count, there are some differences in size, supply voltage, and input bias current.

Ⅴ. Pin connection


Although the circuitry and performance of the LM741CN and UA741CN are very similar, their pin configurations may differ slightly. Therefore, before substituting one chip for another, it is recommended to consult the relevant data sheets and application notes to ensure correct pin connections. By doing this, we can avoids potential errors and unnecessary financial losses.

Ⅵ. Package comparison


Ⅶ. Gain setting

The LM741CN is a versatile, general-purpose operational amplifier with two main gain settings of 1+ and 1-. This dual-gain configuration enables the LM741CN to adapt to a variety of signal amplification applications. The ability to switch between two gain settings allows engineers and designers to tailor the amplifier's response to different input signals and output requirements. This flexibility is particularly important when dealing with a wide range of amplitudes or when precise control of the amplifier is required. Because of its flexible characteristics, LM741CN is often used in situations where proper adjustment of the amplifier is required, such as audio amplifiers, instrument amplifiers, etc.

The UA741CN provides a fixed gain setting, typically 1+. So it doesn't have extensive gain adjustment capabilities like the LM741CN. The fixed gain setting of the UA741CN makes it ideal for applications where maintaining constant gain is critical. For example, it is commonly used in feedback control systems, voltage followers, and applications that require precise control of amplification factors. Its stable performance over this fixed gain range ensures reliable signal amplification without the need for gain adjustments.

Ⅷ. Application of LM741CN and UA741CN

• Filter: We can use operational amplifiers to design various types of filters such as low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-stop. This application is typically used in signal processing and communication systems.

• Logarithmic amplifier and antilog amplifier: Transform the input signal logarithmically or inversely. This application is commonly used in audio and measurement systems.

• Nonlinear circuits: As one of the key components in nonlinear circuit design, it can be used to simulate nonlinear circuits such as multipliers and adders. These applications are typically used in digital signal processing and control systems.

• Voltage follower: Operational amplifier can perform the function of voltage tracking. It follows the input signal to the output signal without affecting the signal gain.

• Differential amplifier: It can be used as a differential amplifier to amplify the difference between two input signals. This is relatively common in measurement and control systems.

• Audio amplification: It can also be used as an audio preamplifier and power amplifier, etc. to amplify weak audio signals to a sufficient level to drive speakers or headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the disadvantages of LM741?

The drawback of IC 741 is its low slew rate (0.5v/µs), which limits its use in relatively high frequency applications, especially in oscillators, comparators and filters.

2. What is the IC equivalent of LM741CN?

The equivalent of LM741CN is LM709C, LM201, LF351N, MC1439, TL081CN, UA741CD and UA741CPE4. 

3. What is the use of UA741 IC?

The UA741 IC is a single package operational amplifier which can be used in a wide range of applications especially by students as well as engineers. This IC can be used in general purpose applications such as buffers, voltage follower, adders, amplifiers, comparators, etc.

4. What is a UA741 general purpose operational amplifier?

The UA741 device is a general-purpose operational amplifier featuring offset-voltage null capability. short-circuit protected and the internal frequency compensation ensures stability without external components.

5. What is the difference between LM741CN and UA741CN?

The LM741 series are general-purpose operational amplifiers. The UA741 is a high-performance monolithic operational amplifier constructed on a single silicon chip. It is intended for a wide range of analog applications.