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Digital Six Labs
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WB1-9-00-DCC1NNNN-0000-LR datasheet pdf and Multifunction product details from Digital Six Labs stock available at Ventron
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Digital Six Labs WB1-9-00-DCC1NNNN-0000-LR technical specifications, attributes, parameters and parts with similar specifications to Digital Six Labs WB1-9-00-DCC1NNNN-0000-LR.
  • Factory Lead Time
    6 Weeks
  • Operating Temperature
  • Series
  • Part Status
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL)
    Not Applicable
  • Output Type
    Voltage, 900MHz
  • Sensor Type
    Temperature, External Dry Contact and Current Transformer Input
Product Comparison
The three parts on the right have similar specifications to WB1-9-00-DCC1NNNN-0000-LR.
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 45001
  • ASA
  • ESD
  • DUNS
  • SMTA
  • ROHS

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