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Artesyn Embedded Technologies
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Artesyn Embedded Technologies MP6-2E-1L-00 technical specifications, attributes, parameters and parts with similar specifications to Artesyn Embedded Technologies MP6-2E-1L-00.
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Images are for reference only.See Product Specifications for product details.If you are interested to buy MP6-2E-1L-00.
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Q: How Long Can I Get The MP6-2E-1L-00 once the payment done?

A: We ship orders via FedEx or DHL or UPS, Normally it will take 2 or 5 days to arrive at your in hand.

Q: I just need one piece of MP6-2E-1L-00,Can I order?

A: This depend on the MOQ of the MP6-2E-1L-00,most of the parts we can support sample order.

Q: Can you delivery the parts MP6-2E-1L-00 to our OEM factory directly.

A: Yes,we can send parts according to your ship to address.

Q: IS this part come from original factory seal packing ?

A: Yes, generally if you order the parts with SPQ (standard packing ),we will send you parts in factory seal packing.if you order not complete packing, we  will send parts in our compan’s standard vacuum packing.

Q: Do you support MP6-2E-1L-00 datasheet or CAD Models?

A: Yes, Our technical engineer will share what datasheet or CAD models we have.

Q: Is the parts MP6-2E-1L-00 with Warranty?

A: with at least 90 days quality warranty for every orders. Just email us if you face any quality issue.

Q: How to pay the money?

A: Gnerally we accept wire transfer, PayPal, Credit Card and Western Union.

Q: This is my first time order from internet ,How can I order this part MP6-2E-1L-00?

A: Please submit the quote or directly send us email, our sales department will guide you how to do.

Shipping Cost

Shipping starts at $20, but some countries will exceed $20. For example (South Africa, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Israel, etc.)The basic freight (for package ≤0.5kg or corresponding volume) depends on the time zone and country.It does not include any taxes, insurance, handling, duty (including but not limited to tariffs) or other similar charges, payment of which will be solely your responsibility. The actual freight varies according to specific situations.

Shipping Method

Ventron ships component orders from China to most countries in the world. We currently provide the delivery by FEDEX/ DHL/ TNT in that order.Note:At present, only FEDEX logistics channel is available in the following European countries (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain). The DHL is only available if the weight exceeds 5KG.

Delivery Time

Ventron ships orders once a day at about 5 pm. except Sunday.Once the goods are shipped, estimated delivery time depends on the shipping methods you chose:FedEx International, 5-7 business days.DHL Express, 5-7 business days.

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 45001
  • ASA
  • ESD
  • DUNS
  • SMTA
  • ROHS

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