Micron Launches New Generation GPU Memory GDDR7 for Gaming and Artificial Intelligence

07 June 2024 43

In the past two years, with the growing demand for high-performance graphics processing and artificial intelligence accelerators, memory technology has also been continuously improving. Recently, Micron Technology, a US memory chip manufacturer, announced the launch of a new generation of GDDR7 video memory (GPU graphics card memory) at the Computex 2024 exhibition, mainly for the artificial intelligence and gaming markets. This move marks that the technology is gradually maturing and is expected to provide powerful power for the next generation of gaming graphics processors (GPUs) and AI accelerators.


Micron’s GDDR7 memory is another milestone after the successful mass production of GDDR6X. GDDR6X, a non-standardized version of JEDEC GDDR6 technology, was jointly developed by Micron and NVIDIA. This innovative technology provides unprecedented bandwidth and speed for high-performance graphics processing and artificial intelligence applications. Today, Micron Technology is once again at the forefront of the industry and has launched a new standard version of GDDR7 memory chips. The system bandwidth of this new memory chip exceeds an 1.5 TB/s, and the performance is improved by up to 60% compared to its predecessor GDDR6. This leap forward will greatly meet the growing demand for high-performance computing.

Currently, GDDR7 memory has been officially launched on Micron’s official website. This memory product has an I/O voltage of 1.2V, ensuring stability while running at high performance. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different users, the product currently offers a 16Gb capacity option, providing users with flexible choices. Starting in the second half of 2024, Micron’s GDDR7 memory will be fully available, and consumers can purchase it directly from Micron’s official website or through some global channel distributors and dealers. The release of this news is undoubtedly a boon for those who are looking forward to high-performance memory solutions.

The GDDR7 memory uses its innovative 1-beta DRAM technology and a new architecture, enabling its maximum transfer rate to reach 32 Gb/s. According to the company’s forecast, the next-generation graphics cards using GDDR7 video memory will improve ray tracing and rasterization performance by more than 30% at 1080p, 1440p and 4K resolutions compared to the current GDDR6 and GDDR6X memory on the market.

Micron said that the launch of GDDR7 products has enriched its industrial layout. This product provides multiple memory options including DDR, LPDDR and GDDR for edge AI reasoning of CPU, NPU and GPU components, meeting diverse computing needs. Especially in the field of gaming applications, GDDR7 memory can bring AI-enhanced gaming experience to players through its excellent performance and flexible adjustment of frame buffers as game content changes, scene transitions, player interactions and story rhythms.


In addition to its outstanding performance in the gaming field, GDDR7 is also expected to play an important role in machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence technology. Micron said that in generative AI workloads, the throughput of the new memory can be increased by up to 33%, which will greatly accelerate data processing speed, improve model training efficiency and inference speed. At the same time, the response time of GDDR7 memory can be shortened by up to 20%, which will reduce the anxiety of users when waiting for calculation results and improve user satisfaction.

Praveen Vaidyanathan, vice president and general manager of Micron’s computing products group, said: “Micron has once again led memory innovation and launched the highest bandwidth video memory solution today. With advanced process and interface technology, we continue to consolidate the company’s leading position in graphics performance. Micron GDDR7 memory brings a new level of realism and excellent performance to the most demanding application scenarios with its top performance.”

In general, Micron’s high-density GDDR7 video memory has undoubtedly brought many significant advantages to users. First of all, its excellent performance enables graphics rendering, game running and data processing to be completed with higher efficiency, thus bringing users a smoother and faster user experience. Secondly, GDDR7 video memory achieves higher energy efficiency through optimized design and material selection, so that energy consumption can be effectively controlled while maintaining high performance, saving energy costs for users.

With the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous growth of market demand, low-power, high-performance, and high-efficiency video memory products will become more and more popular. With its outstanding performance in these aspects, Micron’s GDDR7 video memory is believed to be widely used in the future, especially in high-end games, professional graphics processing, and artificial intelligence. Its advantages will be more obvious. We look forward to seeing Micron’s continued innovation and progress in the field of memory technology, bringing more excellent products and solutions to users.