Wintel promotes dual-screen laptops

The saturated notebook market has long lacked the alarming factors that spur demand. According to reports, Intel and Microsoft are now collaborating to develop standards for dual-screen notebooks to restore the vibrancy of the notebook market.

Prior to this, the notebook market will remain sluggish. To make matters worse, laptops are one of the goods imported from China, and the United States will start to impose additional tariffs in December, causing supply chain concerns.

Wintel develops dual-screen notebook standard, paving the way for foldable screen models: Intel and Microsoft have recently begun to establish standards for dual-screen notebooks, and hope to extend the concept to foldable screen notebooks, according to the source of the notebook's upstream supply chain .

Overall, as new products are coming soon, Apple supply chain manufacturers are beginning to worry about the new iPhone and Apple Watch, which are scheduled to be released on September 10. Industry watchers say their orders will weaken in the coming year.