WaferWorks adds 12-inch silicon wafer production line, with a monthly production capacity of 50,000 wafers expected by the end of next year

WaferWorks, a Taiwanese silicon wafer manufacturer, announced at its shareholders meeting today (21) that it will establish a 12-inch silicon wafer R&D production line at its Longtan plant.

According to Taiwanese media "", the 12-inch silicon wafer R&D line of WaferWorks' Longtan plant will strengthen the N-type low-resistance heavily-doped silicon wafer technology, and develop light-doped silicon wafers required for P-type semiconductors for logic components.

At present, the silicon wafer market is still booming. Xu Xiulan, chairman of GlobalWafers, said that the company has signed long-term contracts with customers beyond 2028 to 2031, and emphasized that the utilization rate of the global wafer production line is still full, and the 12-inch factory is one minute. It is impossible to stop work, and it is still very healthy for the upstream. In early June, it was also reported that Japanese silicon wafer maker Shenggao plans to increase the price of its long-term contracts with chipmakers by about 30% between 2022 and 2024.