Toyota's global auto output increased by 1.5% in November, and its overseas market output increased by 3.8%

28 August 2023

Toyota recently announced that its global auto production in November increased by 1.5% to a new record of 833104 vehicles. Specifically, its output in the Japanese market declined 3.3% to 266174 vehicles, while its overseas output increased 3.8% to 566930 vehicles, a record high.

Reuters reported that Toyota said that due to strong demand, especially in North America, and the recovery of parts supply affected by the slowdown of COVID-19, global sales and production in November exceeded the level of last year.

Toyota reported earlier this month that it expected to produce 700000 vehicles in January and maintain its target of 9.2 million vehicles in the fiscal year ending March. Toyota had expected to produce 9.7 million cars this fiscal year, but was forced to lower its target in November due to rising material costs and semiconductor shortages. However, this is still higher than the production of about 8.6 million vehicles last year.