To seize the commanding heights of the industry, the US think tank recommends vigorously developing advanced packaging capacity

The Center for Security and Emerging Technologies (CSET), an American think tank, recently released a report, suggesting that the United States should vigorously strengthen the research and industrialization of advanced packaging technology.

The report notes that the Chip Act is expected to reverse the relative shrinking of U.S. semiconductor manufacturing capacity since the 1990s, but at the same time, investment in advanced packaging capacity is also critical, as the format has long been viewed as low value-added and labor-intensive Therefore, the industry specialization is more obvious. In terms of market share and even supporting equipment and materials, domestic manufacturers in the United States are already in a weak position.

However, as technology evolves, advanced packaging has shown increasing innovation potential, plays a key role in future competition in the semiconductor industry, and should be a priority for the US to restructure the semiconductor supply chain.

The report suggests that the United States should consider reflowing semiconductor manufacturing capabilities, encourage manufacturers to build packaging capacity in wafer manufacturing projects, provide subsidies for equipment and material suppliers to invest in the United States, and strongly support heterogeneous integration represented by chiplet, WLP and other new technology research and development activities.