The world's first C919 was officially delivered, and Guoxin Micro provided airborne bus switching chips for network communication

28 August 2023

On December 9, the world's first C919 large passenger aircraft was officially delivered to China Eastern Airlines. On the evening of yesterday (14), Guoxin Micro said on the investor interaction platform that the company is one of the chip suppliers of the domestic C919 aircraft, providing it with airborne bus switching chips for network communication.

It is reported that C919 large passenger aircraft is the first real large civil aviation aircraft in China after Yun-10, which means that China's civil aviation transport market will have jet trunk aircraft independently developed by China for the first time. The large-scale production of domestic large aircraft will help to build and improve China's aviation manufacturing industry chain, and inject development momentum into the industry chain companies. Aviation manufacturing is a knowledge and technology intensive industry, involving materials, information, electronics, energy, machinery and other industries.

As one of the chip suppliers of C919 aircraft, Guoxin Micro achieved a revenue of 4.936 billion yuan in the first three quarters, up 30.26% year on year; The net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 2.041 billion yuan, up 40.03% year on year.