Tencent focuses on China's growing demand for digital transformation and cloud infrastructure

With Internet Plus becoming a national strategic policy in China, China's demand for digital transformation and cloud computing infrastructure has grown exponentially, and Tencent has built an ecosystem with an open architecture that focuses on market opportunities.

Jeremy Wu, deputy general manager of Tencent Cloud, pointed out that the company has been focusing on the development of related technologies, sales and applications, and is committed to its cloud computing, database and AI businesses.

Wu said that within the company's open cloud ecosystem, Tencent's product platform has been linked, including OpenStack-based Tencent Cloud TStack, IaaS-based container solution TKE, microservice architecture TCNMesh and financial-level database TDSQL.

Wu pointed out that Tencent has applied for 3,147 patents related to cloud computing applications in China, of which 1,105 have been approved, making the company the largest patent owner in the Internet industry in China.

Tencent currently offers 200 IaaS, PaaS and SaaS products in China, most of which are open source. TStack has been used in many industries including industrial, medical, retail and education. Tencent also works with provincial governments in China to help them design applications and provide back-end platforms for travelers and people's livelihood services.