Taiwan memory chip manufacturers expect peak sales in the third quarter

According to market watchers, DRAM chip maker Nanya Technology, professional DRAM and flash specialist Winbond Electronics, and mask ROM and flash chip maker Macronix International are expected to continue to grow significantly in the third quarter. Sales will peak in 2019.

After Nanya announced that its revenue in August climbed to a nine-month high of NT$5.22 billion (US$166.3 million), Nanya raised its third-quarter shipment forecast by more than 25%. Nanya revealed that due to the seasonal recovery in end-market demand, August's bit shipments increased by 7-9% in August after a 20% increase in July.

Winbond Electronics said in its previous report that Winbond's 12-inch fab has been running at full capacity since July. Winbond's revenue in August reached a new 12-month high of NT$ 4.46 billion. The company said that in addition to seasonal demand recovery, orders from new customers eager to expand its supplier base also boosted Winbond's sales in the third quarter.

Overall, Macronix's revenue increased 17.2% over the same period of the previous year, reaching NT$3.79 billion in August 2019, a 10-month high. The company previously expressed optimism about the outlook for the third quarter, citing continued growth in ROM shipments and seasonal factors.