Taiwan IC designers target new September high

According to industry sources, many Taiwanese IC designers set new highs in August and are expected to reach sales again in September, mainly because Chinese customers are eager to reduce shipments that are dependent on US chipmakers.

RichWave, ZilTek Technology, Aspeed Technology, Elan Microelectronics, Global Mixed-mode Technology, Excelliance MOS and Egis Technology have announced record monthly revenues in August, sources said other companies including ASMedia Technology, Silergy and Sitronix Technology It is also possible to announce a record August income.

All manufacturers are increasingly optimistic, and strong growth may continue into the fourth quarter or even 2020, as Chinese customers have increased their initial orders to US chip makers, working with Taiwanese IC design companies to minimize trade tensions. The impact of the situation.

In Taiwan, IC designers are expected to lead the ICT industry in revenue growth in the second half of 2019. In addition to the lower comparative bases of the same period in 2018, another reason is that emerging 5G, 8K and AioT technology and application sources say that they have triggered demand for more advanced chip solutions with higher unit prices , greatly increased the income of chip manufacturers.

In general, US trade restrictions on Huawei have prompted many Chinese companies to seek new sources of chipsets to reduce the risk of shipment disruptions, and Taiwanese chipmakers have become their best alternatives. Changes in Chinese customer purchases are difficult to reverse in the short term, encouraging Taiwanese chip makers to show positive attitudes toward their 2020 results.