TSMC's December revenue fell below NT $200 billion, a new 5-month low

28 August 2023

According to the Taiwan Media Economic Daily, the revenue of TSMC since December last year was NT $192.56 billion, a monthly decrease of 13.5%, to a new five-month low. The legal person said that the downturn in the market of computers and smartphones, the weak demand of 7nm and 6nm customers, and the year-end inventory check of customers were the main factors affecting the revenue decline of TSMC in December last year.

The revenue of TSMC Q4 was NT $625.532 billion, up about 2% in the quarter, and the total revenue of TSMC Q4 was NT $2.26 trillion in the whole year, all reaching a new high, up 42.6% in the year.

TSMC's Q4 revenue last year was slightly lower than expected, with a target of 19.9 billion to 20.7 billion US dollars. The report pointed out that the strong demand for the 5nm process is a major driving force to boost Q4 revenue.

TSMC will hold a legal person explanation meeting on the 12th in the near future. Most of the legal persons expect that the situation of TSMC in 2023 will be "high before and low after". With the expansion of the impact of supply chain inventory adjustment, including the simultaneous slowdown of demand for 5nm and mature manufacturing processes, TSMC's performance in the first half of the year is likely to decline quarterly; Among them, Q1 revenue will decrease by about 10% quarterly, and the performance in the second half of the year is expected to stop falling and recover.

In addition to the annual operation outlook, TSMC's capital expenditure, advanced manufacturing process progress and global layout are all the focus of the market; In addition, whether TSMC adjusted the long-term gross profit rate target of 53% has also attracted much attention.