TPK will launch nanowire touch solution for collapsible smartphones by the end of 2019

According to company president Leo Hsieh, TPK Holding is currently negotiating with OLED panel manufacturers in China and South Korea to develop nanowire-based flexible touch solutions for mobile phones. Commercial production of this solution is in 2019. The fourth quarter is ready.

Hsieh said the company expects to offer nanowire touch solutions to Chinese handset manufacturers by the end of 2019, initially for 8-inch flexible panel applications, adding that sales of foldable smartphones will be limited to cellphones by 2020. Industrial shipments are still in infancy in the coming year .

However, Hsieh said TPK had begun offering nanowire touch solutions to customers for digital whiteboard applications. The company's nanowire touch solution is currently equivalent to 10,000 units on a 75-inch whiteboard or 1 million units on an 8-inch folding smartphone.

Overall, the company plans to increase its 75-inch whiteboard capacity to 20,000 units per month in the fourth quarter, due to an increase in orders from China Ishihara Electronics, and shows that the total output of whiteboard applications will increase to 40,000 units by 2020.