South Korea and the United States discuss U.S. export controls to China and plan to hold regular meetings

28 August 2023

On November 9, South Korean media BusinessKorea reported that the South Korean Ministry of Industry, Trade and Resources and the U.S. Department of Commerce held a meeting on November 8 to discuss the impact of U.S. export restrictions on China's semiconductor industry in South Korea.

According to the report, the two sides discussed how to exchange relevant information and data and how to cooperate on restrictive measures. In addition, they also checked the progress of export control over Russia and discussed how to reduce the uncertainty caused by the US measures against China in South Korea.

These measures were taken on October 7 to prevent American enterprises from exporting advanced semiconductor equipment to Chinese semiconductor manufacturers. However, these measures will not apply to the factories of Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix in China until October 6 next year.

The report pointed out that the two departments planned to hold the meeting regularly in order to strengthen cooperation in export control countermeasures and better protect Korean enterprises from being affected.