Pure Storage Launches QLC Flash Array

Pure Storage introduced all-flash array storage in its Pure // Accelerate 2019 campaign, and FlashArray // C is a full QLC-SSD configuration designed to compete with competing HDD and SSD hybrid storage.

Compared to mainstream TLC technology, QLC can significantly expand the storage capacity of SSDs, making QLC SSDs more cost effective. However, compared to TLC, QLC SSDs have a shorter lifetime and slower access speeds, which prevents the technology from becoming a market trend.

By using the Pure Storage release of QLC SSD, some market watchers believe that this may prompt more storage brands to emulate and use QLC SSD to release devices.

To extend the life of the QLC SSD, Pure Storage reduces read and write times with its AI management software, Pure 1, and provides Evergreen, a lifetime warranty solution for specific storage.

According to Charlie Giancarlo, CEO of Pure Storage, the Evergreen solution will ensure that Pure Storage's customer products are always up to date in software and hardware.

Prakash Darji, general manager of Pure Array's flash array business unit, also pointed out that FlashArray // C is faster than traditional HDD machines and has an advantage in cost. This product is suitable for storing Layer 2 or Layer 3 data (hot data).

To increase the speed of access to existing products, Pure Storage has released the DirectMemory module, which can be plugged directly into its FlashArray // X70 and FlashArray // X90 machines. Based on Intel's Optane SSD, the module uses internally designed software to reduce storage access time by 25% to 50%.