President said that AUO is preparing for emerging applications

According to Frank Ko, the company's president, at the bottom of the tablet industry, it is the best time for AUO to promote its value conversion process and develop innovative display solutions to develop emerging niche markets.

As the application market of display solutions will become more and more diversified with the development of AI and IOT industries, Yoda optoelectronics will optimize its technical advantages to launch products suitable for the market, such as vertical industrial applications. The company's latest investor meeting.

In the past few years, Yoda Optronics has been pursuing the established policy of value conversion. Its small market and non consumer electronic product shipments have become a stable source of net income. Therefore, it will continue to improve its product structure based on products and services.

It will also use its technical advantages and management flexibility to produce highly customized products with small batch and diversified design.

Ko stressed that as the inventory level and debt equity ratio of Yoda Optronics remain healthy, it is also a good time for the company to enhance its intelligent manufacturing capacity and further strengthen its cash flow management.

In general, based on the TV product sales in the fourth quarter of 2019, it is expected that TV shipments in North America will keep growing driven by brand and channel sales. In Western Europe, TV sales fell in the third quarter, but there is still a need to replace large models. Brand manufacturers and channel operators will continue to drive sales of large and high-end TV models in the fourth quarter, and the average size of TV will continue to grow.