HiFi audio operational amplifier includes integrated thin-film resistors

The Texas Instruments INA1620 integrates four precision-matched thin-film resistor pairs and EMI filtering on-chip with high output current, low-distortion, dual audio operational amplifier. The amplifier achieves a very low, 2.8-nV/√Hz noise density with an ultra-low THD+N of –119.2dB at 1kHz and drives a 32Ohm load at 150mW output power. The integrated thin-film resistors are matched to within 0.004% and can be used to produce a wide number of very high-performance audio circuits.

The device works over a very wide supply range of ±2V to ±18V on only 2.6mA of supply current per channel. The device also has a shutdown mode, enabling the amplifiers to be switched from normal operation to a standby current which is typically less than 5µA. Shutdown mode is particularly designed to remove click-and-pop noise when transitioning into or out of shutdown mode.

The device has a unique internal layout for lowest crosstalk, and freedom from interactions between channels, even when overdriven or overloaded. This device is specified from –40C to +125C.