Chip suppliers bullish on business laptop market

According to industry sources, Realtek's other Taiwanese PC-related chip suppliers remain bullish on the commercial notebook market despite growing uncertainty over overall notebook PC sales this year.

According to Taiwanese media digitimes, Realtek and other Taiwanese suppliers also intend to increase their high average selling prices and chip shipments to support this year's revenue and profit growth, and pay more attention to the commercial notebook computer field.

Global notebook shipments are expected to rise slightly in 2022 due to weaker purchases of general consumer laptops, lower-than-expected sales of corporate and gaming laptops, and the impact of the coronavirus lockdown in mainland China on supply chains, sources said earlier. Down at least 10-15% in 2021, Chromebook shipments will drop by 30%.

However, the sources pointed out that while the macro environment may dampen business notebook sales in the short term, the overall market outlook remains promising in the long run.