Apple announces strong earnings

Apple reported its record revenue for the fourth quarter of FY 2019 due to accelerated growth in services, wearables and iPads.

Apple expects strong growth in the fourth quarter of FY 2019, but it remains to be seen how much growth will be driven by its new iPhone 11 series and the new AirPods Pro. Sales of its iPhone 11 series are better than expected, but market watchers believe that the iPhone's annual sales will no longer be able to return to the peak of the iPhone 6 release in 2014. Wearables may continue to increase Apple's profitability, but AirPods Pro is estimated to account for only a fraction of the company's overall earphone shipments in 2019.

Apple reported strong earnings in the fourth quarter of FY19: As of September 28, Apple’s revenue in the fourth quarter of FY 2019 was $64 billion, up 2% from the same period last year, and quarterly diluted earnings per share reached $3.03, 4%.

Sales of the new iPhone may soon reach its peak, and the supply chain is under pressure to offer lower prices: the new iPhone 11 series has better-than-expected sales, but may soon reach its peak, which may ultimately put pressure on supply chain partners to lower their offers.

AirPod Pro's shipments in 2019 are estimated at 2 million units: According to industry sources, Apple's AirPods Pro has just shipped 2 million units this year.