Allxon provides an open cloud based Internet device management platform

Chen Xuanbin, chairman of Allxon, a startup company owned by Acer, said that the company has launched an open cloud computing management platform for all types of Internet devices to reduce manual and time-consuming maintenance services.

Operating costs account for about 90% of the cost of purchasing Internet equipment, so system integrators and hosting providers are under pressure to reduce maintenance costs.

The platform is open to all operating systems and can implement functions such as remote monitoring and management, disaster recovery, OTA (over-the-air) updates, and fast booting.

In terms of business operations, Allxon plans to cooperate with SIs, MSPs, ISVs (independent software vendors) and IHVs (independent hardware vendors) to provide cloud-based remote management for IoT devices.

Allxon has partnered with memory module maker Apacer Technology to develop cloud-based solid state drive health monitoring, such as operating temperature, to predict service life and send early warnings.

In the future, Allxon and Sunix collaborate to develop cloud-based technologies that can remotely restart Internet devices immediately after an operating system failure.