Acer ITS completes intelligent roadside parking system in Tainan

Acer's subsidiary e-transport solution developer Acer ITS has completed intelligent roadside parking systems for 483 parking units in Tainan, southern Taiwan.

For intelligent on-street parking systems, Acer ITS uses a smart parking meter equipped with an automotive mmWave radar developed by Alpha Network to detect cars entering and exiting the on-street parking unit and transmitting information using the parking unit to the established cloud-based platform the company pointed out was provided by Acer ITS. The company said it can provide drivers with information about vacant on-street parking via the smartphone app developed by Acer ITS.

Acer ITS pointed out that the smart parking meter's camera can identify the car's license plate to automatically calculate the parking fee, and the car driver can use the EasyCard or iPASS or smartphone app for mobile electronic payment.

Acer ITS said that this is the city's second phase of intelligent roadside parking system, one of the 422 parking spaces in the first phase will be put into operation in April 2019.

In general, the intelligent on-street parking system helps to transfer vehicles parked on the side of the road to nearby sections with lower parking rates, which can also reduce traffic congestion.