According to Digitimes Research, the HiSilicon chip will account for 70% of Huawei handset shipments by 2019

According to Digitimes research, Hisilicon technology, a Chinese mobile solution provider, expects shipments of its application processors to continue to grow in 2019, and its chips will provide nearly 70% of Huawei mobile phones shipped this year.

Because Huawei has used more chips to power upscale smartphones, HiSilicon is able to increase its AP shipments and increase the percentage of chips from entry-level to mid-range models from HiSilience to this level. Digitimes Research estimates that shipments are expected to decrease by 5% YoY in the second half of 2019.

In total, shipments of Hisilicon AP will reach 20% of Chinese mobile AP requests by 2019, not including Samsung Electronics' requests.

Hisilicon released the first 5g SOC Kirin 9905g in September. This chip has a neural network processing unit (NPU), and is expected to continue to release 5g SOC with NPU as a focus, so that it can significantly increase AP shipments in the first half of 2020.

In general, AP shipments in 2020 can be affected by Sino-US trade disputes, which can damage the recognition of new Huawei mobile phones without the support of GMS (Google Cellular Service), damage the key to ensure the ability to supply components and hinder the use of the new Arm architecture.