Solid State Relays

Image Part Number Manufacturers Description View
DC60S7-B Image DC60S7-B Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 7A PNL MNT SPST-NC 32V Inquiry
PFE380D25R Image PFE380D25R Crydom Co. RELAY SSR DC 25A 380VAC PCB Inquiry
D2450 Image D2450 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 50A 240VAC DC Inquiry
84137001 Image 84137001 Crydom Co. SSR GN IP20 10A/240VAC AC INPUT Inquiry
84137221 Image 84137221 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR IP20 50A 240VAC AC IN Inquiry
EL240A30-24P Image EL240A30-24P Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 280VAC 30A 21-27VDC ZC Inquiry
G3SD-Z01P-PE-US DC24 Image G3SD-Z01P-PE-US DC24 Omron Automation and Safety RELAY SSR SPST-NO 1.1A 24VDC PCB Inquiry
84134130 Image 84134130 Crydom Co. SSR IP00 75A/480VAC DC INPUT Inquiry
HD6050 Image HD6050 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 50A 660VAC DC Inquiry
PVG613PBF Image PVG613PBF Infineon Technologies IC RELAY PHOTOVO 60V 1A 6-DIP Inquiry
MCPC1250A Image MCPC1250A Crydom Co. CTRLR POWER SSR 120V 50A AC OUT Inquiry
GN325ALZ Image GN325ALZ Crydom Co. SSR GN3 3-PHASE 25A 180-280VAC Inquiry
DP4RSC60E40B8H Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 48 V Inquiry
HS103DR-CD4850W1U Crydom Co. SSR/HS ASSY Inquiry
HAC60B150H Crydom Co. SOLID STATE RELAY 600 V Inquiry
A53TP50DP Image A53TP50DP Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 48-530 V Inquiry
DR48D1XR Image DR48D1XR Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 48-600 V Inquiry
84134011 Image 84134011 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR IP00 25A 240VAC AC IN Inquiry
4D1210 Image 4D1210 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR AC-OUT 120VAC 10A PNL Inquiry
D4890 Image D4890 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 90A 480VAC DC Inquiry
2966595 Image 2966595 Phoenix Contact PLUGGABLE MINI OPTOCOUPLER 24VDC Inquiry
D1225K Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 25A 120VAC DC INPUT Inquiry
CL240A10C Image CL240A10C Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 280VAC/10A90-250VAC ZC Inquiry
CWA2425E Image CWA2425E Crydom Co. RELAY SSR PANEL MOUNT 280V Inquiry
84134140 Image 84134140 Crydom Co. SSR IP00 100A/480VAC DC INPUT Inquiry
AQY221N2M1Y Image AQY221N2M1Y Panasonic Electric Works PHOTOMOS RELAY-SON TYPE W/CXR10 Inquiry
ASSR-1510-503E Image ASSR-1510-503E Broadcom Limited RELAY SSR SPST SGL 1.0A 4-SOP Inquiry
PAA140 Image PAA140 IXYS Integrated Circuits Division RELAY OPTO 2 CHANNEL NO/NO 8-DIP Inquiry
AQV255GS Image AQV255GS Panasonic Electric Works RELAY SSR SPST 1.25A 80V 6SOP Inquiry
CMX60D20 Image CMX60D20 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 20A 60VDC DC OUT PCB Inquiry
D2410PG Image D2410PG Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 24-280 V Inquiry
DC100D100 Image DC100D100 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 100VDC/100A 4-32VDC Inquiry
2966634 Image 2966634 Phoenix Contact PLC RELAY OPTOCOUPLER 24VDC Inquiry
CWA2425H Image CWA2425H Crydom Co. SSR PM IP20 280VAC/25A 90-280V Inquiry
HA4875H Image HA4875H Crydom Co. SSR PM IP00 530VAC/75A AC INPUT Inquiry
PS7360L-1A Image PS7360L-1A CEL SSR OCMOS FET 90MA NO 6-SMD Inquiry
A4825 Image A4825 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 25A 480VAC AC Inquiry
CMXE200D3 Image CMXE200D3 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR SPST-NO 200VDC 3A SIP Inquiry
84137901 Image 84137901 Crydom Co. SSR GNA5 IP20 10A/240VAC AC IN Inquiry
84134310 Image 84134310 Crydom Co. SSR IP00 25A/480VAC DC INPUT Inquiry
CWU4850P Image CWU4850P Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 50A 660VAC AC OUT PNL Inquiry
CWD2425P Image CWD2425P Crydom Co. RELAY SSR PANEL MOUNT Inquiry
ESR10-NC2A4HB-00-D2-10A Image ESR10-NC2A4HB-00-D2-10A E-T-A RELAY SSR AUTO SPST-NO 10A 24V Inquiry
AQW612S Image AQW612S Panasonic Electric Works RELAY OPTO 60V 0.45A SOP8 Inquiry
AQY272A Image AQY272A Panasonic Electric Works RELAY OPTO 60V 2000MA 4-SMD Inquiry
84134120H Image 84134120H Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 48-660 V Inquiry
CWD2490-10 Image CWD2490-10 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 280VAC 90A PANEL MOUNT Inquiry
HD60125-10 Image HD60125-10 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 125A 600VAC AC OUT PNL Inquiry
SDV2415 Image SDV2415 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 1.5A 240V ZERO-CROSS Inquiry
G3S4-D1 DC12 Omron Automation and Safety RELAY SSR SPST-NOX4 600MA 12VDC Inquiry
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